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Believe it or not, sports coaches are one of the most experienced individuals in recruitment. During a season of changing contracts, trade offers, and draft pick considerations, NFL coaches must secure the right talent. Both recruiters and hiring managers alike have a lot to learn from these people that recruit A-players year after year.

Only Sign A-Players:

Hiring A-Players should be a lot easier for recruiters as they are only filling one position at a time. When recruiting players, NFL coaches never turn down a player for being ‘overqualified’. Recruiters should pin their ears back and notice – always seek the best and hire the best. Learning how to recognize the best is key!


They Already Have a Team:

A current employee may offer a referral for an individual, similar to a College coach offering an NFL coach a player. Typically these individuals are already assigned to a team, whether it be on the field, or in an office. A-Players are the ones who have experience and wisdom alongside their talent.

To get this individual to play for your team, a recruiter will have to express that the referred talent’s personal brand, lifestyle and future career prospects are better served if they sign up to their team. So many recruiters make the mistake that the A-Player they want is ‘off-limits’ if they are already working for an organization – WRONG!

Don’t forget the intangibles:

NFL star Tom Brady possesses intangible value for the Patriots; his work ethic, dedication, teamwork and leadership skills. Similar to this, recruiters should be seeking out intangible qualities and transferable skills. Think about what can’t be taught to a new employee?  After all there’s always training for the duties of the job.

Yet again, it’s all about the skill of recognizing. If only it was as simple as measuring the ROCE or the yards returned! One of the most important qualities to recognize is attitude. The right attitude brings an eagerness to learn and grow.


A Winning Team?

You’re no longer in the schoolyard picking from a lineup. Professionals have the right to refusal. It’s up to recruiters to secure the best talent, which can take a lot more than offering the most money. Instead depict a positive reputation and culture.

You begin to win once a good team is in place. And once you start winning, morale levels increase. Then who knows what your team can achieve!

My American journey

My experience in the US thus far has been most memorable, personality-shaping, and an all-round incredible experience. It has made me more self-confident, sociable, and adventurous. It has challenged my opinions about myself, other people, society, and generally broadened my mind making me more open to diversity and new experiences. It has also affected my career plans, exposed me to alternative ways of learning, and made me a better student.